About Eva Angelina

Born on March 14, 1985 in California, she didn’t have far to go in 2003 when Eva Angelina began her career as a porn star. Most people classify Eva Angelina in the “Latina” category and she says that is from her Cuban ancestry but she is also a mix of Chinese and Irish and it is a combination of those heritages that gives her, her unique look Her mother is part Cuban and Chinese and her father is Irish. When asked if she considers herself Latina she said “Well I am a little on the Spicy side”.

Eva Angelina entered into the porn business when she was just 18 years old. At the time she was working under the name Agelina Del Mar, which is what helped to fuel the rumor that it was her real name – which it is not by the way, it was just a stage name she picked at the time.

Her boyfriend at the time wasn’t happy about her career choice so she looked into joining the military, something she had really wanted to do for awhile. But since she graduated from a non-traditional high school they wanted her to get a state approved GED. She wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do but in the mean time got a low paying job at a grill house. Below long she realized that was ridiculousness to keep working at such a low paying job that had no future. So she got her breasts enhanced to a D cup, left her boyfriend behind and went back to work as a porn star, in around November of 2004.

Her now ex-boyfriend was very distraught over their breakup and ended up taking his own life a week after Eva went back to porn. Eva would go on to talk about it a few years later in various interviews and revealed she was emotionally shattered over the whole thing but she loved her career in porn.

Eva Angelina married male porn star Danny Mountain and gave birth to their daughter, Silvi, in December of 2008. She returned to her career about a year later and before long the couple split up in what would turn out to be a very nasty breakup. He would later go on to marry porn star Mia Malkova.

Before long news started to leak that Eva Angelina had hooked up with someone who was serving oversees in the military. He came home for a short leave and the two got married. He was home for about two weeks before beings shipped back to the Middle East. During this time Eva Angelina got pregnant with his child and soon after retired from her career and porn, deleted her twitter page.

However in June of 2011 she did come back to Twitter and in October of 2015 she returned to performing in adult movies full time. Honestly she looks better than ever, which is not always the case when some people return to performing years later. Eva Angelina however is the rare exception!