Interesting Eva Angelina Facts

Who is Eva Angelina?

What is Eva Angelina up to lately?

As of December 2013 Eva Angelina is still officially retired from making adult movies but she does live webcam shows at least once a week and sometimes as much as 3 times a week. In addition to that she also works as a VIP bottle server at Heat Ultra Lounge. Those fans wanting to meet their favorite porn star in person, this is how you can do it. Call 714-776-428 and get “table reservations” saying that you want “bottle service from Eva Angelina / Nikki T.”. Ultra heat Lounge is a high end dance club in Orange County, California.  They play Hip Hop, Top 40, Mash Ups, Electronic, House, Dance music.

Update: As of October 2015 Eva Angelina has officially returned to performing. I posted a trailer to one of her latest movies here, which is from Elegant Angel.


Is Eva Angelina married?

She was married but isn’t anymore (at least from what I heard).  Eva Angelina met and married fellow porn star Danny Mountain in 2008 and they eventually had a daughter together however about a year later they divorced. Soon after Eva Angelina met a man in the military who would soon after been sent off to the middle east. He came home one day for a short leave, I think I heard he was here about two weeks, it was during this time they were married. He went back to the Middle East and after which Eva Angelina found out she was pregnant. Soon after she retired from porn. I didn’t hear anything specific about them getting a divorce but several sources have said they are no longer together and she is now single. On December 19, 2013 she said on twitter she was not marriage.

How big are Eva Angelina’s boobs?

The short answer to that question is 34D.   Her full measurements are 34D-26-34 and she stands 5 foot 3 inches tall.

Is Eva Angelina on Twitter?

No, well not really.  Update:  6/2011 :  On June of 2011 Eva returned to usng twitter. Her new twitter name is @lifeofeva. Update December 2013: She is still on twitter @LifeOfEva and while she doesn’t tweet a lot, she does shout out to fans every now and then.

Eva Angelina May 2013Eva Angelina selfie that she tweeted her fans in May of 2013

What is Eva Angelina’s favorite position?

She once said in an interview that she loves to have sex with her legs over the guys shoulders. “My favorite position, for me is probably my legs over his shoulders. I think the way it grinds is just sensational and drives me nuts!

What is the correct way to pronounce Eva Angelina?

You know, I asked Eva that exact question when she was on the set of Hocus Pocus XXX and what she said it’s “Eh-va“.  If you want to hear it pronounced I ran her name through my text to speech program for better clarification on the pronunciation of her name. [hear Eva Angelina pronounced]

Is Eva Angelina a Latina?

You know that’s a hard question to answer. I guess it really depends on how you define Latina. Generally speaking Latina has come to mean someone ethnic background is from Central America, South America and the Caribbean – or really anyone of Hispanic, Latin or Spanish origin. Eva Angelina has said she is part Chinese, Irish and Cuban. It is her Cuban heritage that cause people to classify her as “Latina” but is she really any more Cuban than she is Irish, Chinese or American? I don’t know.  I should note however her real life last name is of Spanish origins.  So in the end I guess the answer to the question is …. yes – kind of.  She has some Cuban heritage with a Spanish last name.  So ya, I would say Latina would work as a classification.

 Is Eva Angelina retired?