Is Eva Angelina retired?

People ask me all the time, is Eva Angelina retired? The answer to that question is no, not really.

No she’s not out making movies like she used to, but that doesn’t mean she’s gone for good. In fact she is still filming, only now she tends to film private videos that are requested by her fans, for her fans.

She also accepts private phone calls and text messages from fans at

Eva Angelina also still feature dances at various clubs throughout the year.

But mostly she’s busy working out. She’s bit into crossfit and even competes in various competitions. You can follow her workout on instagram @xfit_nicole.

So to answer the question …

Is Eva Angelina retired?

The answer is no!

Eva Angelina will be in Las Vegas at the AVN show signing autographs and meeting fans at booth #1221 the Sext Panther booth from January 18-21, 2017.